App 'Exercise Records' Privacy Policy

App name, OS

App name: Exercise Records
System requirements:iOS15 or later

What user data my app collects
How our app collect user data

The app never collects user data like terminal information and location information in while user don't know it.
But the app collects user data that you decide to input your exercise data like a your running distance from input screen.

The storage location of the record is the storage area inside the iPhone used by the user. It is never saved in the cloud or on the internet.

How our app use user data

The exercise record entered by the user is used only by the app to redisplay the record on the screen or display the graph.
The app will never use it for cooperation with other services.

How long our app retain user data
How our users can delete their data

If the app itself is deleted, the exercise record entered by the user will be automatically deleted.
And If you execute "Complete deletion of settings and data" that exists as a function of the app, all the settings and input exercise records will be deleted.

Information About Sharing Data With Third Parties

The app will never provide the exercise record information entered by the user to a third party.

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